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6 Ways to Declutter with Trays

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Don’t you feel wonderful when you organize a cluttered space in your home, such as your closet or pantry?  Adding decorative trays to your home can have the same effect with some permanence.  Trays have a way of decluttering spaces and adding a more visually pleasing display of items. A group of items on a […]

Color Therapy for You & Your Home


Have you ever considered that the color of your dining room, bedroom or any room in your home could play a role in setting up a particular emotion or mood? Or, how about the way a bowl of bright green apples displayed on a table make you feel. Colors have the power to not only […]

Staircase Picture Wall


Ever wonder how to hang art or family photos on a staircase wall?  What works, what doesn’t?  Take a look at this stunning wall and suggestions for making your staircase a success! More times than I can count, I have been asked to consult on a staircase wall.  What do I do with this massive […]